BioFLex Body jewellery and Murano Glass.

Murano glass and BioFlex jewelry promotions

Where is Murano Glass from?

All our Murano Glass is handmade in Venice Italy … the only place Murano Glass can be made. Just like champagne comes from champagne … only Murano Glass can come from Murano … an island of Venice.

What is so special about Murano Glass?

Using traditional glass making techniques, Murano glass is made from high quality base materials which in turn results in a stronger, clearer and more beautiful item.

How long will it take to get my order?

Depending on the items stock availability and time of year orders will take between 2days to 40days in the extreme.

I want something specific … can I get something custom made?

Absolutely. Depending on the item and how many you require because you are dealing directly with the factory … within reason we are able to meet most clients needs.

Are the items guaranteed?

Yes. Murano items are guaranteed made handmade in Venice Italy. Each item comes with a guarantee card .. with clients able to return goods for credit if we are notified within 48hrs of receipt of goods.

BioFLEX items are guaranteed original surgical grade BioFLEX. (Beware of imitations)

All other items have individual manufacturer warranties.

How are the items shipped?

Depending on the volume of items and your location, shipping is calculated automatically based on weight, cubic meters or a combination of both with items sent either via courier or post.

How are backorders handled?

A separate backorder note is generated from the original invoice with clients able to to choose whether to have the goods shipped separately or held to ship together.

What are the payment terms?

All orders must be paid in full with funds cleared prior to dispatch. Custom made items must be paid in full prior to manufactururing.

Can I return items that are not selling?

Dependant on product, items generally can be returned if the item is damaged or faulty (excluding glass items!). A restocking fee may be applicable of up to 15%.

IMPORTANT. You must alert us by email within 24hrs of reciept of any damage.

Murano Glass. I have recieved my order but some items look different.

As each of our items is handmade items will vary from those displayed / specified on the site. Also, as the manufacturers we are constantly improving designs.

Are all the items on the site readily available?

While we do keep large amounts of stock warehoused we are constantly turning over stock so at times certain shapes or colours and designs may not be available. Whenever possible we will advise of ETA as soon as possible.


Credit Card payment details are not kept by us so you need to enter these each time you purchase product. Each order is manually checked and credit card details entered / charged accordingly.

Some credit cards or services such as AMEX or PayPal will be charged a transaction surcharge.

Payments by Visa, Mastercard and AMEX ensure the quickest turn around of your order.

How do I order?

Ordering is done via the internet with access to the payment interface granted once you have submitted your registration and been approved (or you have logged in).

Is there any other ways I can order?




Clearly the Clearly the Best, BioFLEX – The preferred alternative to PTFE and PMFK

The Clear Leader, BioFLEX can bring a whole new life to your customers` piercings, increasing their safety and comfort … and save you money BioFLEX is unique.

BioFLEX is engineered to precise parameters, and given a continuous polish over several days, making the finished product the best quality material obtainable. We have seen no products from any other source that match ours for quality or price! Clearly the best!.


BioFLEX Body Jewellery for All Body Piercings

Whatever piercing you are doing for your customer; ear lobe, ear cartilage, nose piercing, eyebrow, labret, tongue piercing, nipple, belly button, or even genital piercing, BioFLEX body jewellery is suitable for use in them all. The variety of BioFLEX body jewellery available now ensures you a cost-effective solution to meet your customers requirements at competitive and inexpensive wholesale prices. If you are a piercing jewellery trader or a piercing professional, register now andbrowse our unique and exciting range of BioFLEX body piercing jewellery.

Can BioFLEX be used in fresh or new piercings?
Absolutely. As BioFLEx is totally biocompatable with no nickel content and no chnce of a nickel allergic reaction.

Can BioFLEX be sterilised?
Yes BioFLEX can be chemically sterilised or steam sterilised above 120o C in an autoclave.

When Autoclaving ensure:

  • That jewellery is not “buried “ under the pressure of metal clamps and others utensils
  • That no pressure is applied when autoclaving
  • As stated in the manufacturer’s guides, any sterilised pieces inside an autoclave should not touch otherwise it’s a risk of “non sterilisation”
  • Allow cooling before removing from the autoclave
  • Dry autoclaves should not be used
  • Always ensure the autoclave is calibrated and serviced regularily
  • If the piercing is more than one piece eg a ball on a labret or a push-fit, ensure you pull apart or disasemble before sterilising

Is BioFLEX inert?
BioFLEX is totally inert and chemically stable. Unlike many other plastic products.

Does BioFLEX become brittle or breakdown over time?
No. Infact we put a BioFLEx labret under extreme test conditions by continially bending it onto itself (180 degrees) for 5 days. Only late on the 5th day did we start to see any discolouration.

Can BioFLEX be cut to size?
Yes. With caution use a sharp blade.

Do I need a special tool to cut or thread BioFLEX?
No. All you need is a sharp blade to cut the BioFLEX and a metal ball (in the correct guage) to create the thread.
Can I buy BioFLEX in UV colours?

Is BioFLEX PTFE, PMFK or polysulfone (ie Bioplast)?
Absolutely no. BioFLEX is totally inert and is 100% made for body piercings. Most other plastics are adapted to piercings so therefore are not totally compatable for piercing usage.

Is BioFLEX biocompatable?

What certifications does BioFLEX have?
The highest available in this class of product.
USP Class VI tests (Bio-compatibility) of the United States Pharmacopoeia XXIV and has been assigned the FDA Drug Master File and European pharmacopoeia ( 3rd edition (1997), and Supplement 2001, Monograph 3.2.2 ) compliance.