About Us

At Shop4 we endeavor to bring you the best value products possible.

How do we give you such a great price? Well we manufacture the majority of the products and wholesale and distribute globally. The stock you find on this site are production over runs. So as an example … if a client orders 100 of an item we will make 130 to ensure we supply 100 perfect items. Of the 20 remaining we may grind down 10 as they do not meet our standard. So that leave 20 perfect items which we then sell here on Shop4.

Hand crafted in Venice from Murano Glass each piece of jewellery is not only unique but manufactured by hand to the highest quality.

Our earrings are especially suitable for sensitive ears and our Hair Accessories use French made clips which are anti-allergic .. ensuring maximum comfort.

Our range consists of the Murrina, Avventurina and many of the other traditional patterns and techniques using 24ct Gold and 925 Silver embedded within the glass.

A family owned business our chief artisan established the firm in 1977 and along with our designers has many decades of personal experience and centuries of history and guidance.

Murano Glass

Handmade to the highest standards – the widest range of Murano available

Handmade by our artisans each item is unique. Made using traditional techniques, incorporating traditional and modern designs our pieces combine the colours of the murrina through to 24ct Gold and Sterling silver patterns.

Be it a piece of Jewellery, Gift or Ornament the quality and range of items we have cannot be beaten … and because we are the factory we can also custom make items for you.

Supplying clients throughout Europe, Australasia and Americas … we are sure you will more than happy


Clearly the Clearly the Best, BioFLEX – The preferred alternative to PTFE and PMFK

The Clear Leader, BioFLEX can bring a whole new life to your customers’ piercings, increasing their safety and comfort … and save you money BioFLEX is unique.

BioFLEX is engineered to precise parameters, and given a continuous polish over several days, making the finished product the best quality material obtainable. We have seen no products from any other source that match ours for quality or price! Clearly the best!.


BioFLEX Body Jewellery for All Body Piercings

Whatever piercing you are doing for your customer; ear lobe, ear cartilage, nose piercing, eyebrow, labret, tongue piercing, nipple, belly button, or even genital piercing, BioFLEX body jewellery is suitable for use in them all. The variety of BioFLEX body jewellery available now ensures you a cost-effective solution to meet your customers requirements at competitive and inexpensive wholesale prices. If you are a piercing jewellery trader or a piercing professional, register now and browse our unique and exciting range of BioFLEX body piercing jewellery.


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.