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SAVE OVER 20% off on all Fashion Jewellery ... more if you have a coupon code!!!!

Featured Products

Manufactured by artisans in Venice Italy Made by hand in Venice Italy from 100% Murano Glass all our items meet strict EU hygiene standards. Each item is superbly crafted by an artisan using traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. Unlike other Manufacturers we guarantee all our items are genuine and have a catalogue of over 900 products (not including colour variations).

At Shop4 we only sell excess stock or clearance stock from wholesale orders ... that how we can sell all our pendants, necklaces and body jewellery discounted rates. Shop4 is a joint partnership between a number of establish artisans to combat the influx of copies being made in Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

We own the factories! If you suspect someone is selling imitation or copied items and they are selling them as genuine please let us know.

... and if your after surgical grade body jewellery have a look at our BioFLEX range ... manufactured in the UK and embedded with genuine Swarovski crystals. This clearance stock will not last long.

At Shop4 we act as a clearance of manufacturing over runs, undelivered orders and end of line and design clearance. All our Murano glass is free from defects and is guaranteed 100% made in Murano (Venice) Italy. Our pricing is generally in excess of 50% off so we can clear stock as fast as possible.

Beware of imitations
We have been notified in the 12 months of an Asian company registered as "Murano" selling glass items and labeling them as MURANO GLASS. These are cheap copies and are NOT Murano glass so be aware of this.

We have also been told about a firm selling "murano" glass with an Italian name and Italian supporting literature (Made in Italy is not written on the jewellery or documents!!!). This jewellery is made in Eastern Europe. UPDATE - This same firm is now selling rebadged Chinese made glass items.